Plant Manager, Oil & Gas (Bentonite Clay, Drilling Fluids)

Plant Manager, Oil & Gas (Bentonite Clay, Drilling Fluids)
Location: Casper, Wyoming.
Type: Full-time.
Relocation: Yes, relocation assistance will be provided.
I. Company Overview:
Our client is a global developer, manufacturer, and producer of mineral additives for the Oil & Gas industry. Our client provides the petroleum refinery, and drilling fluids market with mineral additive based products containing the clay material bentonite, as well as other drilling MUD additives, lubricants, and fluids. Our client is rapidly growing, and seeks a highly talented individual to assume the role of Plant Manager at their Wyoming manufacturing facility.
Our Client's Product:
When drilling with bentonite, a protective "filter cake" is formed on the borehole wall reducing the level of soil permeability and increasing stability. The circulating bentonite slurry removes the drilled cuttings bringing them to the surface. The bentonite mixture also exerts hydraulic pressure preventing any collapse of the walls even when the excavation is below the water table. Bentonite slurry also acts as a lubricant for drilling tools
II. Position Overview:
The plant Manager is responsible for the production and manufacturing of our clients many mineral additive products including; drilling fluids, lubricants, and additives derived from the clay material bentonite, and other drilling MUD materials. The Plant Manager will work closely with the R&D Product Development Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager in the development and production of our clients many products based on the clay material bentonite.
III. Position Responsibilities:
The Plant Manager is responsible for general supervision of all phases of plant operations including: production, quality control, maintenance, receiving, and shipping. Responsibilities also include recruiting, hiring and training personnel and facility/physical plant up-keep and capital improvements. In addition the Plant Manager will be responsible for annual budget planning and execution.
o Provide leadership for the successful day-to-day operation of the facility.
o Work closely with quality personnel to review product consistency while monitoring scrap rates to determine trends and areas of improvement.
o Review established production schedules for all manufacturing departments to insure established inventory levels are met while operating at the highest efficiency possible.
o Coordinate the hiring and training of all manufacturing personnel.
o Monitor operation expenses and research ways to reduce costs while maintaining product quality.
o Work closely with the Environmental Health and Safety Manager to ensure all members of the manufacturing team are aware of safety policies to provide a safe workplace for our employees.
o Maintain Inventory levels and control flow of product from our subsidiaries.
o Maintain and support a superior safety and housekeeping program, including all timely communication initiatives.
o Develop and execute the plant manufacturing budgets.
o Analyze workforce requirements.
o Conduct performance appraisals and provide coaching and guidance to all operations employees.
o Encourage and promote operating in a continuous improvement environment.
o Remove production constraints; allocate human and equipment resources and direct production employees to attain all established goals.
o Remove waste and constraints from the production process to improve efficiencies and enhance productivity.
o Communicate with research and development as well as product management personnel to develop new product strategies.
o Work with purchasing manager to develop and improve supplier relationships.
o Create purchase orders for Purchasing Manager to place orders.
IV. Position Requirements:
o Must have experience manufacturing mineral additives, drilling fluids, drilling MUD, and other related products in the Oil & Gas, petroleum refinery, drilling fluids market.
o 7+ years progressive experience in a key leadership/management role at a manufacturing facility.
o Previous experience/strong understanding of budgeting/expense management with a basic understanding of financial and accounting practices.
o Strong computer skills including the ability to prepare spreadsheets and use Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Power Point and/or Access) to analyze data and trends.
o Previous experience/best practices implementing and using continuous improvement/lean tools such as; Six Sigma, 5-S, Lean Manufacturing, Transactional Lean, etc. to drive improvement.
o Previous experience/broad understanding of safety systems and enforcement of safety rules and policies.
o Demonstrated strong leadership, team building and advanced coaching skills.
o Demonstrated ability to motivate people, assess and develop employee skills.
o Demonstrated understanding of the principles and applications associated with manufacturing operations, maintenance and engineering.
o Excellent planning and organizational skills, with the ability to balance production and maintenance needs.
o Excellent interpersonal communication and listening ability.
o A strong ability to be adaptable and flexible.
o Strong analytical and decision-making skills.
o Ability to work with teams and lead decision-making processes in a team environment.
o Highly motivated, results oriented, driven.
V. Education Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in Business/Finance/Management/Operations or other related field.
VI. Preferred Qualifications:
Master's degree, Six Sigma, Green Belt or Black Belt certification.
VII. Compensation & Benefits Package:
o Salary: Based on experience.
o Full benefits package. 100% Employer contribution, no employee co-pay.
o 401K retirement plans.
o Paid vacation & holidays.
RMA (Resource Management & Acquisitions(TM)) is an Equal Opportunity Recruitment Firm, working on behalf of our client, who is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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